Just Published: Principles of Microeconomics by Rittenberg and Tregarthen

Now available, Rittenberg and Tregarthen’s Principles of Microeconomics, Version 3.0. This fully updated version takes a student-focused approach to an often-challenging subject by integrating real-world and relatable examples that link theoretical principles with everyday experiences.

Updated to include new research on technological changes and the wage gap, as well as the future of jobs, this text encourages students to better understand past events like 2008’s Great Recession, our current economic state, and the future of our economy.

Principles of Microeconomics presents a unified picture of basic economics by emphasizing related themes and presenting parallel examples to provide a clear connection between microeconomics and macroeconomics principles. The full volume covering macroeconomics and microeconomics in both a comprehensive and briefer version, and a single volume that covers just macroeconomics are scheduled for publication this summer.

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Just Published: Learning to Program Using Swift for iOS Development

FlatWorld is proud to announce the publication of John Gallaugher’s Learning to Program using Swift for iOS Development, Version 1.0. This innovative textbook’s unique hands-on approach breaks down the learning barriers for app creation and gets your students immediately programming fully functional apps.

By mid-semester, students will be building apps – without much need for instructors’ intervention. With 70+ learn-by-doing videos, online quizzes, and written references, this rich resource handles the heavy lifting. So, you can focus on helping students problem solve.

Students are excited about creating the kinds of apps they use every day, and they’ll be naturally motivated to engage with this textbook. Gallaugher’s approach sets learners up for success through stimulating personal entrepreneurship and developing valuable programming skill sets.

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Just Published: Principles of Macroeconomics by Taylor & Weerapana

John Taylor and Akila Weerapana updated Principles of Macroeconomics, Version 8.0 and will be revising Principles of Economics and Principles of Microeconomics soon after.

The classic text presents modern macroeconomics in a form that’s in intuitive and relevant to students that are new to the subject. The authors leverage extensive classroom-based experiences to select real-world examples that provide clear explanations of why markets are efficient when the incentives are right and are inefficient with incentives are wrong.

This revised version is new to FlatWorld and updated to reflect many of key policy issues that are being hotly debated today. With stimulating vignettes at the start of each chapter and discussion-based questions at the end, this text will keep students engaged.

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Just Published: What’s Your Point? Version 2.0

What’s Your Point?, Version 2.0 by Suzanne Hudson and Molly LeClair improves writing skills by encouraging critical thinking and analysis. By bridging established writing processes with new technologies and digital media, the text also helps students ensure their important ideas are understood and appreciated in evolving contexts.

Version 2.0 is updated to include new Sample Focus Questions, particularly in the analysis, argument, and research chapters. Several additional Concept Checks and professional essays have been added to further enhance student learning.

What’s Your Point? extends beyond exposition as it encourages students to “analyze” rather than “explain.” This text is suitable for both 2-year and 4-year institutions. Interested in learning more? Request your complimentary examination copy today.

Just Published: Mastering Organizational Behavior

Now available, Cooper, Hellriegel, and Slocum’s Mastering Organizational Behavior, Version 14.0. This fully updated classic empowers students to take a personal approach to management by encouraging them to assess and maximize their own skills.

Geared to today’s business landscape, this new version maintains its popular focus on the seven core managerial competencies for success: managing self, ethics, communication, teams, change – and most importantly – diversity across cultures.

By combining classic theory with contemporary research, Mastering Organizational Behavior, Version 14.0 establishes a clear connection between research-based management techniques and emerging industry trends.

Mastering Organizational Behavior, Version 14.0 is new to FlatWorld. That means you get everything you expect from a high-quality textbook and support package, but now at an affordable price. Request a complimentary examination copy today.

Just Published: The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business, Version 3.0

The new version of The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business, Version 3.0 by Terence Lau and Lisa Johnson was updated to cover contemporary issues relevant to the study of the legal environment. Version 3.0 includes discussions of the Affordable Care Act, major Supreme Court decisions on same-sex marriage, and other notable developments that illustrate evolving legal principles.

This textbook aims to present the often-overwhelming legal environment of business in an exciting and relevant way. The authors have included real-world applications, allowing students to apply concepts in the context of relevant legal environment of business. Each chapter features discussion questions that encourage critical thought, engagement, and dialogue.

This textbook is suitable for both 2-year and 4-year institutions. Interested in learning more? Request your complimentary examination copy today.

Just Published: The Power of Selling, Version 1.1

Now available, Kim Richmond’s The Power of Selling, Version 1.1. This textbook makes the selling process come alive as it encourages students to utilize proven selling tactics both in their personal lives and professional careers.

Suitable for introductory marketing, sales, and personal selling courses, the text focuses on key selling tenets. Recently refreshed with updated video clips and links, Version 1.1 engages students with its unique “Video Ride-Alongs” feature that profiles seven different sales professionals who share personal insights and practical tips about how they apply successful sales strategies covered in each core chapter.

The Power of Selling concludes with a chapter titled, “Selling U,” that encourages students to apply the concepts learned in the book to their own job searches. Highlights include the importance of branding yourself, how to write an impactful cover letter and resume, how to create a personal elevator pitch, and more.

The Power of Selling, Version 1.1 is customizable and comes packed with instructor supplements. Learn more here.

Sneak Peak: Technical Communication

Last year, FlatWorld proudly published Pau-San Haruta’s Technical Communication: Excelling in a Technological World, v.1.0. This interdisciplinary textbook merges language-related topics with innovative advances for a well-rounded approach to technology.

Pau-San Haruta is not only a cognitive scientist, but also a technological entrepreneur, giving her a unique perspective in this space. The text is full of real-world examples and case assignments, as well as insights into visual and responsive web design.

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FlatWorld Text Motivates March Madness Star

On Sunday night, Luke Maye hit the game-winning shot over Kentucky. On Monday morning, he was back on North Carolina’s campus attending his 8am class. He was greeted with a standing ovation from FlatWorld author and professor, C.J. Skender and classroom full of fans.

C.J. Skender co-authored FlatWorld’s Financial Accounting textbook. Let’s just say, we consider both of these guys team players.