FlatWorld Unveils 11 New Textbook Versions Amidst Growing Demand for Its College Learning Materials

More than 4,000 professors at hundreds of universities have adopted FlatWorld textbooks

BOSTON, March 28, 2018 — FlatWorld, a publisher of the most affordable high-quality college textbooks, today announced that it has published 11 new textbook editions in the first quarter of 2018. FlatWorld also reported that more than 4,000 professors at hundreds of universities across the U.S. have adopted its textbooks, and the company has surpassed 50 employees.

“Professors across the U.S. are outraged by the exorbitant cost of college textbooks, and publishers increasingly charging extra for homework and other online resources,” said Alastair Adam, Co-CEO of FlatWorld. “Time and again, once professors discover that FlatWorld offers high-quality educational resources for a fraction of the cost, they are excited to switch to textbooks that save their students money.”

FlatWorld now offers more than 125 titles across a wide range of academic subjects, from organizational behavior to intermediate algebra and sociology. The 11 new textbook editions include:

The majority of FlatWorld’s textbooks cost between $24.95–$29.95 for digital access. Students have the option of purchasing a full-color print copy for an additional $10–$25. Homework and other online resources are included in this price.

About FlatWorld
FlatWorld believes that education is expensive, but textbooks don’t have to be. To learn more, visit www.flatworld.com.

Alex Parks

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