FlatWorld Featured in Inc.

FlatWorld is joining in on the conversations about the future of textbooks. We’re excited to be featured on Inc., discussing the different ways that technology can empower educators.

With 70% of students looking for their universities to update their digital options, there’s an obvious demand for better digital solutions. However, in most universities, traditional textbooks are still the primary information resource for college classrooms.

This is because many early entrants in the digital space failed to consider the needs of the professors and teachers. “We see the educator continuing to be the catalyst or accelerant at the heart of that process. So, technology should focus on helping the instructor, leveraging their knowledge, skill, and dedication, rather than simply seeking to automate them away,” shared FlatWorld’s Co-CEO, Alastair Adam.

And although traditional textbooks are still prevalent in most classrooms, publishers have been offering fewer titles and regularly increasing the price of new editions. FlatWorld takes a new approach in an effort to make textbooks more affordable for students. Adam explained, “Trying to solve the problem of high priced textbooks by focusing only on new technology is the equivalent of trying to solve the problem of expensive of airfares by putting all your resources into developing flying cars. We think the better approach is to break down the price barrier to make textbooks accessible to all students.”

See the full article here.

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