Just Published: Principles of Microeconomics by Rittenberg and Tregarthen

Now available, Rittenberg and Tregarthen’s Principles of Microeconomics, Version 3.0. This fully updated version takes a student-focused approach to an often-challenging subject by integrating real-world and relatable examples that link theoretical principles with everyday experiences.

Updated to include new research on technological changes and the wage gap, as well as the future of jobs, this text encourages students to better understand past events like 2008’s Great Recession, our current economic state, and the future of our economy.

Principles of Microeconomics presents a unified picture of basic economics by emphasizing related themes and presenting parallel examples to provide a clear connection between microeconomics and macroeconomics principles. The full volume covering macroeconomics and microeconomics in both a comprehensive and briefer version, and a single volume that covers just macroeconomics are scheduled for publication this summer.

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