Just Published: Principles of Macroeconomics by Taylor & Weerapana

John Taylor and Akila Weerapana updated Principles of Macroeconomics, Version 8.0 and will be revising Principles of Economics and Principles of Microeconomics soon after.

The classic text presents modern macroeconomics in a form that’s in intuitive and relevant to students that are new to the subject. The authors leverage extensive classroom-based experiences to select real-world examples that provide clear explanations of why markets are efficient when the incentives are right and are inefficient with incentives are wrong.

This revised version is new to FlatWorld and updated to reflect many of key policy issues that are being hotly debated today. With stimulating vignettes at the start of each chapter and discussion-based questions at the end, this text will keep students engaged.

Interested in this text? Request your complimentary examination copy of Principles of Macroeconomics, Version 8.0.


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